Things I love about doing author signings at bookstores

Makenzi at a bookstoreI love watching young readers eagerly carry armfuls of books to the register. They can’t wait to get home and dive in.

I love talking to confident young teens who are avid readers and aspiring writers. I hope good things for their futures.

I love hearing what others like to read. Young people, old people, and those in between. I especially like when they get that gleam in their eye.

I love talking to people who are excited about discovering a new author, a new book, a new adventure.

I love watching the people run for Starbucks, the intense look of determination on their faces. I stay out of the way until they get their fix.

I love being in the stroller runway so I can smile at all the babies and cute little kids. I pat myself on the back when I don’t make a single one cry.

I love watching good dads with their little kids. Toddlers on daddy’s shoulders rubbing bristly shaved heads, babies contentedly snuggling in dad’s arms while he browses, and the super proud dads who stop to talk to me and show off their beautiful little ones.

I love seeing the moms with the mini versions of themselves strolling through, little girls imitating mom’s every move.

I love the older folks’ puzzled expressions at newer technology and talking to them about the changes they’ve seen in the world. They are a wealth of information.

I love to hear people’s stories, everyone has a good one.

I love watching people wander aimlessly, looking for that one book, but not knowing which one it will be.

I love the single-minded reader who is only interested in a very specific genre. Space born shape shifting unicorns who …

I love connecting with a reader who hears about my book and says, “Yes! That is what I’m looking for.”