2 Mystery/Thriller Goldie Finalists

Golden Crown Literary Society announced finalists for the 2016 Goldies this morning and social media is noticing. I am pleased to have two books shortlisted as finalists in the Mystery/Thriller category: Burning Intuition and Fatal Intuition. This is a pretty heady experience for a new-ish writer like me, to be included in a list of such exemplary authors.


Last year, my first novel Just Intuition was also named a finalist in the same category and won Debut Author at the awards held in New Orleans. I was unable to attend, thousands of miles away in northwestern Ontario, and only became aware when I wheedled free Wi-Fi from a laundromat in the remote town of Atikokan. People were congratulating me on Facebook and, when disbelief turned to realization, I could hardly breathe. The first people I told were two ladies, total strangers, sitting with their laundry by the washing machines. Kudos to them for being so polite to an apparent crazy person.

This year, I’ll be back in the woods, although I’m sure I’ll travel into town more often to keep track of the awards from the local library. I put a lot of research and effort into my books and I’m proud of my work. Will my family and my author friends let this all go to my head? Not likely. If this tells me anything, it is that I need to keep writing.

Makenzi Fisk
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Stacked Networking: a Network Sandwich?

Yeah, I wrote a book. It’s for sale right now at all the cool online booksellers. I’m going to make SO much money. Now I can relax, sit back and wait for the royalties to roll into my bank account.

Ba-ha-ha-ha! Every author knows this is simply not true. We joke about it all the time. Writing is hard work but so is everything that follows. If you are your own publisher, the onus is on you to organize your own launch party, your promos and to take responsibility for networking.

Recently, I realized that I unintentionally do something that might be effective. I stack networking opportunities. I’m not sure if I do this out of a deep-seated sense of inadequacy, a fear of failure, or sheer brilliance. Maybe I’m just hedging my bets. Let me explain what I mean by stacked networking, since I just made that term up for this blog post.

I had a book signing scheduled at Chapters Dalhousie and realized that the date fell conveniently close to the launch date for my new novel. I hadn’t planned a party yet but here I had a pre-arranged venue that would cost me nothing. In addition to fans or friends who saw my announcement on social media, there was an influx of unsuspecting customers who were somewhat entertained when they walked right into my launch party.

The store was happy because the shenanigans engaged customers. Engaged people stay longer and spend money, not only on my books but on store merchandise in general. Good for them. Good for me.

The bonus was that the event also coincided with Halloween, and my book cover featured a skeletal hand. Let’s stack another networking idea on top of our little sandwich. Now there’s a book signing, a new release and Halloween. We have stacked 3 layers on our sandwich, and it’s a fine reason to party. Let’s top it all off by giving away Halloween candy and free eBooks to anyone who shows up in costume. Not expensive but good perks. Perfect. And it was a ton of fun.


Another opportunity to create stacked networking occurred last weekend. Once more, I had a book signing scheduled and local talent Joshua Pantalleresco contacted me to try to arrange an interview for his regular Podcast. I refer to Josh as “talent” because merely calling him a writer would be inadequate. He is multi-talented and always has a variety of artistic projects on the go.

Let’s stack the two events together, I suggested, so we did. Josh interviewed me in the middle of Chapters Crowfoot in Calgary while music played overhead, inquisitive customers wandered by and Starbucks customers chatted in the background. It was an intriguing atmosphere and I hope the ambience was recorded along with our conversation. I won’t give too much away about the interview, since it’s not scheduled for release until June, but I will divulge that we talked about books, and cats and a little bit about police work.


I like stacked networking, and I like sandwiches.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Makenzi Fisk
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