Author Sarah Kades tries CIA Duct Tape Escape

Sometimes I get together with author Sarah Kades to drink coffee, and talk about writing, and marketing, and boring stuff like that. Most of the time, we stay on task and brainstorm a few great ideas to take home and work on. The thing about Sarah is that she has a lot of positive energy and things can get sidetracked. On occasions, they can get totally out of control!

Yesterday, we started as usual, drinking coffee, taking notes and sharing info on our laptops. Then one of us, I’m not sure which one, but probably Sarah, decided that everything would be so much more fun if we only had duct tape. Whoa.

There is a rational explanation for this. Most writers like to get their facts right. Sarah writes adventure and I write adventure so it’s only natural that topics like break and enter, and escape techniques would come up – and they did.

By now, many of you have already seen the YouTube videos from a former CIA agent who teaches women to escape from duct tape. If you haven’t, here’s a YouTube video that shows how it’s done.

And of course we decided to try it for ourselves. Being the more “mature” one, I opted for the role of chief taper, and Sarah got the crazyfun role of stuntperson. Here is a little snippet of a day in the life of a writer. We had a great time and hope you enjoy it too.

About the Authors:

Makenzi Fisk
Author of the Intuition Series

Sarah Kades
Action-Adventure Eco-Romance
Author of Kiss Me in the Rain