Cheering for Our Future

Today we celebrate Pride in Calgary (Alberta, CANADA) 

me&staceprideparade2014The rest of the country has already had their parades, their parties and their hype. Now it’s our turn, and party we will. When I first moved to Calgary, I remember watching the dozen or so float entrants and defiant marchers from a hilltop, afraid to appear on camera for fear of losing my job.

cps-prideToday, rows of flag waving police officers celebrate down the streets and the parade has grown from a few, to an expected throng of 60,000 for 2015. Today, the parade is family friendly, and backed by not only LGBTQ organizations, but also financial institutions, corporations, politicians, service groups, major sports teams, public servants and people of all walks. And I’ll be there too, in the September rain, with my family and my flag, and we’ll cheer for our future.

Makenzi Fisk
Murder | Mystery | Thriller
Author of the Intuition Series

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