Book Release: Fatal Intuition

FIcoverOctober 2, 2015
Book Release
 Fatal Intuition by Makenzi Fisk
     A little town called Atikokan is a fantastic place to write thriller novels. It’s tucked off Highway 11, a lesser known route between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Thunder Bay, Ontario, right in the middle of miles and miles of wilderness and pristine lakes. Wifi is nonexistent at the lake, and cell phone coverage spotty, so there’s less to distract an author than in the middle of a big city teeming with activity and constant interruption. Things move at a different pace in Northwestern Ontario. There is time to sit and talk, time to relax, and time to write.cabin
     The best parts of this book were penned in a rustic lakeside cabin, with a treacherously rotten deck and fabulous view. Other writing locations included the local library and laundromat because writers, like most other people these days, are drawn to free WiFi like junkies. The area’s influence finds its way onto the page especially during the book’s action-packed finale.swamp
     I plan to head back there and write every summer – when I’m not fishing or picking blueberries.

Fatal Intuition

Intuition Series Book 3
by Makenzi Fisk
Publisher: Mischievous Books

Erin Ericsson joined the FBI for a fresh start, but leaving Morley Falls was the hardest thing she’s ever done. She can’t escape her past, not when it comes back with a vengeance, wreaking havoc across a half dozen states.

Allie was sure she had her gift under control, thought she’d finally settled into the life she wanted. The ominous cloud on the horizon tells her otherwise. A malevolent storm is building, and all she loves is directly in its path.

Will their family pay the ultimate price?

“Suspenseful” “Intense” “Exhilarating”

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Makenzi Fisk grew up in Atikokan, a small town in Northwestern Ontario. She spent much of her youth outdoors, surrounded by the rugged landscape of the Canadian Shield. Moving west, she became a police officer with patrol, communications and forensic experience before transitioning to graphic design. She now works for herself.

Her first novel, Just Intuition, earned her Debut Author in the 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards. Just Intuition was also a Mystery/Thriller Finalist in the 2015 Golden Crown Literary Awards and the 2014 Rainbow Awards. She is a Canadian Lesfic author, a member of ARWA and GCLS.

Just Intuition
Burning Intuition
Fatal Intuition

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