Coffee Shop Gossip, Part II: The Greyhound Bus

True stories from the police coffee shop…

greyhoundtxtThe Greyhound Bus

“How’s Sergeant Rogers enjoying his retirement?” I tipped the plastic water cooler and shook out the last few drops. I’d never gotten used to the foul-tasting prairie water and could have kissed whoever had made this appear in the lunch room.

“Let me tell you a story he told me about his vacation.” Constable Donnie Banks suppressed a grin.

“I heard he bought himself a brand new travel trailer.” I waited for the story while Donnie took his time to settle down in his chair and leisurely sip his coffee. He’d be the perfect straight man in any comedy routine.

“Okay. He told me this story himself so I know it’s true.” Donnie plopped both elbows on the table and peered into my eyes.

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied impatiently. “Get on with it.”

“Well, you know how the Sarge is a little forgetful sometimes?”

“That’s an understatement.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, he decided to take a vacation with his wife and got everything all loaded up in his truck. They were going down to Palm Springs, I think. Anyway, he had been driving on the highway for a couple of hours and all of a sudden noticed someone tailgating him. He got pissed off and slowed down to let the guy pass. The guy behind him slowed down too. Looks like a big freakin’ Greyhound bus, he thinks.” Donnie stopped to let that sink in.

“So, since the bus wouldn’t pass, he sped up to get away from him. The bus stayed right on his ass. He was really pissed now and jerked his truck over to the side of the road. He’s shaking his fist out the window and everything. And goddammit if the Greyhound bus doesn’t pull over right behind him! He’s absolutely livid now and gets out of his truck and stomps back to give the bus driver a piece of his mind!”

Donnie’s face turned a deep purple. He took another sip of coffee. “When he gets behind his truck,” he exploded with laughter, “he stands there and looks at his freakin’ travel trailer! He forgot he was haulin’ it! Isn’t that the funniest thing you ever heard? It’s all true! God, that guy has to have a good sense of humour to admit something like that!”

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