It’s been a great year!

xmasheaderIt’s been a great year and now the holidays are upon us. If you’re anything like me, you’re saying:

Already? But I didn’t do half of what I planned!

What we don’t realize is that, although it doesn’t seem we met our goals, we certainly accomplished a lot.

Let’s look back, shall we?

staceyartThis year, I published my second children’s book, titled BLEU, Book 2 of The Magical Adventures of Miki and Siku. I write these under Brenda Fisk and the books are illustrated by Stacey O’Sullivan, who is pretty great at what she does.

I had 24 bookstore signings, most of them from January to June, and met hundreds of great people at five different Chapters stores in Calgary and Thunder Bay. You have no idea the weird questions I get. Some people actually tell me their own murder plots and I am left wondering if they are serious!

I spent the summer at my second home near Atikokan, Ontario where my plans to write were derailed by construction, renovations, and a very adorable neighbour dog who came to sit on my feet when I was trying to paint the deck. She has an uncanny ability to hear me flipping pancakes from across the lake and will be at the door, tail wagging, before we’ve had a chance to sit down and eat. She’s such an awesome dog that she has worked her way into my next novel, although renamed and with a gender change.


I did two author readings and played with kids at the Atikokan Public Library during the summer. Kids came to hear my stories, make crafts and concoct a crazy fun recipe from my second book titled BLEU. A few dozen kids got copies of my first book LOST.

I spent a day at the Atikokan Bass Classic Artisan Festival where I got to reconnect with a lot of old friends and make new ones. During the day, I discovered that a baker from another table had been my boss at my first job when I was eleven. It took us half a day to piece together how I knew her. She’d fired me for throwing away too much “good lettuce” when I was on morning salad prep. I reassured her that I had turned out okay after all! 😀

I talked about books with a lot of cool people at the Lethbridge Library’s Word on the Street Festival in September.
I presented on Writing a Series to the Lethbridge River Bottom Writers in October at Lethbridge College, a fantastic group of authors who write in all genres.

lpcoverfrontI started a web project to help authors promote each other across social media. If  you’re a Canadian author, get in on the buzz at Canadian Author Spotlight for under $20 until Dec 31/16.

Jameson Kooper is a talented poet from Atikokan, Ontario, my home town. This fall, we have been working on his first book and I’m truly excited about the project!

It will be published under my own company
Mischievous Books.

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