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The last flotilla of yellow buses wound its way down my street, with loads of squirming school kids fogging window glass. I thumbed the TV remote to the news channel. Political drama, social unrest, environmental calamity, these were but precursors to my day. The kitchen clock ticked ominously. I waited. By now, the little ones were safely delivered to their classes and out of our way. I checked and re-checked my gear bag before I zipped it up and stowed it in the back of my car. I looked over my shoulder one last time before I pulled away. Today I was going to shoot Adam Dreece.

Whoa! What?

Perhaps I should clarify. Today I was going to shoot Adam Dreece with my camera, at his house, with his full consent and cooperation. If I know anything about Adam, it’s that he’s an extrovert with a great imagination. This was going to be fun.

Fantasy SceneI brought my lovely assistant Stacey, who is also my wife, because she is my idea person and fills in the gaps of my shy awkwardness, but it was immediately apparent that there was no need for me to be nervous. Adam was friendly and helpful, even assembling the backdrop that I would later digitally remove from the photos.

There’s one thing I’ve learned from photographing people over the years. Very few can deceive the impersonal judgement of the camera’s glass eye, and I don’t trust the ones who do. When they’re in front of the lens, people can’t conceal their insecurities, their personalities, their passions. 

blogSo it was when I shot Adam Dreece. He revealed himself as an intensely committed writer, devoted father, generous spirit, a bit of a ham, and a truly nice person. His passion for his work is motivating, having penned best selling YA series The Yellow Hoods, Man of Cloud 9 and Wizard Killer. I look forward to following his writing career.

You can learn more about Adam on his website


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