BURNING Intuition

Just Intuition

by Makenzi Fisk
Book Two in the Intuition Series
Publisher: Mischievous Books
Release date: January 2015

Just Intuition (Intuition, #1)

A man is behind bars while a manipulative killer walks free Rural Minnesota police officer Erin Ericsson has been on the trail of this elusive criminal before. She knows there will be more crimes, and more victims. This time, she will follow her own rules.

At her side is her girlfriend, Allie, who has been blessed, or cursed, with a gift. It might lead them to the murderer, if she can learn to control it, and if the volatile connection doesn't shatter them both. Their pursuit takes them across the Canadian border into Allie's comfort zone, but the bustling city of Winnipeg is a challenge for Erin.

They must overcome their obstacles and work together to stop the killer. Can anyone survive this kind of evil?

"Chilling" "Explosive" "Engaging"

Burning Intuition is the second novel in the Intuition Series, from award-winning author Makenzi Fisk

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