FATAL Intuition

Readers' FavoriteJust Intuition

by Makenzi Fisk
Book Three in the Intuition Series
Publisher: Mischievous Books
Release date: October 2015

Fatal Intuition (Intuition, #3)

Erin Ericsson joined the FBI for a fresh start, but leaving Morley Falls was the hardest thing she's ever done. She can't escape her past, not when it comes back with a vengeance, wreaking havoc across a half dozen states.

Allie was sure she had her gift under control, thought she'd finally settled into the life she wanted. The ominous cloud on the horizon tells her otherwise. A malevolent storm is building, and all she loves is directly in its path.

Will their family pay the ultimate price?

"Suspenseful" "Intense" "Exhilarating"

Fatal Intuition is the third novel in the Intuition Series, from award-winning author Makenzi Fisk

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