Just Intuition

Readers' FavoriteJust Intuition

by Makenzi Fisk
Book One in the Intuition Series
Publisher: Mischievous Books
Release date: May 2014

Just Intuition (Intuition, #1)

A shadowy predator with a murderous appetite for fire stalks a northern Minnesota town. When an elderly woman dies, the local police rule it an accident.

Officer Erin Ericsson doesn't think so. She thinks it was murder. The youngest officer on the department, Erin is determined to do whatever it takes to solve the crime. Even if it means defying her superior officer.

Allie has recently relocated from Canada to be with Erin. A city girl, Allie struggles to fit in to small town life, but she hides a secret. A secret that gives her nightmares. A secret she fears will tear her apart.

Erin knows her well enough to suspect that Allie suppresses a gift. One with a connection to the killer she seeks. She must find a way to convince Allie to help her.

Together they use their skill, and a bit of intuition, to unmask the culprit behind an escalating series of deadly crimes. Their search leads them through unforgiving back woods and face-to-face with evil.

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